Why is it so hard to change habits?

Why is it all so hard to change habits? This is because the neural patterns habits are adopted nervous system. These patterns and managers actually dictate our responses per event, without having to think consciously.

Following the revolutionary developments in the field of chiropractic and discoveries in understanding the structure and function of the nervous system has been developed a new approach that allows changes in the neural patterns and thus seriously and wellness.

NETWORK SPINAL ANALYSIS allows us to abandon old patterns and developing new patterns, patterns that funnel healing our bodies and health – physically, emotionally, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

What are the patterns?

The human body consists of several systems – musculature, respiratory, and circulatory vessels, digestion and more. Nervous System is a system that coordinates, monitors and communicates between all body systems. Nervous system allows us to adapt to changes in the environment, learn and grow. Seared nervous system identity and our self-worth.

The human body cells are changing by the minute. Every 6 days all blood cells of new blood cells are replaced every few weeks all our body cells are replaced by new cells, except the nervous system cells. Involves nerve cells remain with us all our lives. So the obvious question is how do we continue to get sick in those diseases?

The answer to that image the nervous system continues to transmit the same patterns of new cells and instructs them how to function.

How patterns change?

Neural patterns that determine the behavior of our bodies – physical and chemical. These patterns evolve and are influenced by

Environment, religion, education and culture in which we live. The image of man in society is – strong, tough. This image is translated through the brain neural patterns harden causes hardening of the spine and back muscles.

As a result, the emotional brain continues to us as if we are still traumatized.

Busy everyday life that cause the brain to direct some of the physical and emotional tension soul into the body – to the muscles and vertebrae. Gradually loses its elasticity spine and posture changes and go inside. It is stable as a kindergarten teacher – which stiffen the spine to withstand the loads. Gradually developing pain originating from disks, vertebrae and muscles.

At the same time the brain turns everyday part spans the internal body organs. Every one of us knows how the body responds to anger, workload, or frustration test: tense muscles, rapid breathing, pounding heart, bowel function is disrupted, Adrenaline flowing in arteries and body restlessly. This is a kindergarten teacher physiology – brain function key pattern to deal with loads of life. So that we function in daily life and that is why the surface tension accompanied us most of the time and most of the diseases affecting us.

How to change patterns?

Treatment method NETWORK SPINAL ANALYSIS The defensive behavior stops allowing functional brain patterns more efficient and relaxed.

The treatment is performed using a gentle touch and accurate at strategic points in the spinal cord. These contacts transmit brain function and nervous system patterns of relaxation, peace and security:

– Chronic tension in the muscles of the back drops, improving links function, and improves posture, the spine is flexible and meets the daily loads efficiently.

– Internal physical tension and relaxes improving internal systems functioning: breathing, heart and blood pressure, digestion and more. Strengthened immune system and the body feels healthier.

– The emotional strain mind relaxes, improves the ability to cope with anxiety, irritability, depression, insomnia fatigue etc..

– The body develops neural patterns that allow to identify and release tension stored in the body and improves the self-healing ability.

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