The secret dangers of taking medical drugs

In March 2008, the FDA published (full name: US Food and Drug Administration) Notice of the discovery of health damage and deaths among children and adults who took a drug called Tussionex, a cough medicine that works with a delayed release.

Hydrocodone – the active ingredient may cause respiratory disorders if consumed in high doses or shorter than the recommended time intervals: 12 hours (above drug, delayed release). From the findings, it can be concluded that the FDA drug company released a drug that is not completely safe, the FDA, which limited the drug is banned for children over age 6 and for adults, apparently not concluded and would appreciate correctly the potential for damage. Doctors on their part – Record the drug to patients between the ages of false means that adults and children under 6 and for their part, patients must not check the restrictions and consumed the drug wrong timing and the wrong age. There were many stopovers on the way and yet people were injured.

Drug manufacturers: the pharmaceutical industry is profitable industries in the world’s largest and fact which motivated for pharmaceutical companies to develop and receive marketing approval for a new drug. The responsibility of a pharmaceutical. Explore the dangers and side effects associated with the drug. In. Inform the public and in particular physician regarding the findings.

Although each drug manufacturer invests money in tests and clinical studies there is no guarantee that all risks were indeed. At the end of test procedures published statistical results that are sometimes interpreted in different ways. Another risk is embodied in an aggressive carried out often by pharmaceutical companies aiming to physicians and directly to patients with like any advertisement, aims to make the patient feel that the remedy certain is that that is a solution suitable for him then created pressure from the patient to the doctor prescribe them – think about it, if Zhthlich mentioned would not happen there was no point in those advertisements.

Health authorities: any developed country there is a body responsible for approval of drug marketing, resources needed to review and approve any drug and medicine are enormous, and so most countries are based on FDA approval and European Union that they themselves have difficulty in view of the burden. Beyond the need many resources and skilled human force, the control entities are in a delicate situation between good remedy to reject fear and the fear of a dangerous drug approval. Drug approved by the FDA is set to ‘effectiveness and safe use instructions. “Even after the FDA approval of the drug – tracks the performance area. The VIOXX drug that caused thousands of fatal heart attacks in the United States and medicine Tussionex that the story presented above. Often received complaints from employees about the pressure from managers to manipulate the information received.

This means that you, as a patient is drug safety value established low risk in terms of damage is not known.

Physician – This important role has responsibility for a wide area perhaps too wide when adjusting medications the patient is not the only responsibility – diagnostics, sending specialists, determination tests etc.. Assembly and adjustment of drug treatment is a single course of a few and perhaps composed some of them date – there is a huge number of drugs, updates and research drug which is published all the time, when the patient is treated by several doctors or therapists paramedical not always he has all the information about the condition and composition of his medicine, limited time which usually dedicated for each patient does not allow for a thorough analysis to find medication interactions and side effects doses ideals.

Pharmacist – Pharmacist role does not end with the issuance of the requested drug alone, it is an additional layer of protection against errors in prescription, depending on the information systems that are in some work environments, the pharmacist has a great ability to identify errors in adjusting medication dosages and patient characteristics.

Patient – on the ability to ask questions, make sure that the handwriting or prescription printed clear all information relevant to exist (dose, time taking, the time consumption of the drug, etc.) on the patient to read the instruction booklet that comes with the drug and try to identify side effects, sensitivities and other restrictions that are relevant to . If such were to see a doctor and complex cases – hire a drugs which will conduct medical diagnostic procedure.

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