5 natural ways to stop hair loss and regrow hair

From primitive civilization to modern societies, mankind has remained obsessed with their hair. It is a symbol of endurance and masculinity for men and beauty and juvenility for women. The smooth and healthy hair on your head gives you a social status as it means a lot to people. Hair gives a sense of confidence and liveliness to the people. There are more than $500 billion invested in just the black hair industry and when other colors are taken into account, it makes a total of much more than that. Researchers have shown that both men and women spend a lot of money on their hair to make it look attractive.

Falling hair is like a horrible dream for people with hair as they cannot stand the thought of being bald. In most part of the world, bald people are perceived as lazy and weak due to which the people with hair fall problem spend a huge amount of money just to have some strands of hair on their head. A great share of money is transferred from the pockets of the people to the pockets of Dermatologists every year.

Therefore, we have decided to compile a list of some simple home remedies which will definitely save your hair and of course, a lot of money as well.

· Hair Oil Massage:

A gentle massage of head with hair oil enhances the flow of hair follicles and increases the stability of the roots of hairs. Hair oil massage is also helpful for reducing stress and getting relaxed. Coconut oil is famous among the people with hair loss problems. However, olive oil, almond oil, amla oil and castor oil are also very effective.

· Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has some alkalizing attributes which are favorable for hair’s growth. It balances the pH level of hair due to which the hair fall is reduced. Aloe Vera is extremely humectant and it attracts moisture from the environment due to which the scalp and hair remains hydrated. Both the Aloe Vera gel and Aloe Vera juice can be applied to the scalp.

· Garlic & Onion:

Both garlic and onion are full of sculpture which is an extremely beneficial element for the rapid growth of the hair. Garlic can be applied on the scalp after boiling it and mixing it with olive oil and the onion can be used after extracting the juice. The elements present in onion juice can also kill germs and parasites present on the head. Try both garlic and onion on consecutive days to see quick improvement

· Egg:

Eggs are full of phosphorus, zinc, iron and iodine. All of these nutrients are advantageous for those with hair fall problem. A blended mixture of coconut oil with egg yolk will increase hair strength and will reduce the hair loss.

· Yogurt:

Yogurt combined with either honey or lemon makes the hair healthy and prevents hair fall. It also opens the hair follicles, due to which nutrients present in yogurt can reach the hair due to which the hair health is improved.