How to choose the best dog food?

Dog owners must have this question rose in your mind, how to choose food for my dog?

So the answer is not clear-cut and is dependent on a number of parameters, some of them depend on you and your dog share.

Before you choose the food for your dog is recommended to take into account the following parameters:

The Price:

First of all ask yourself what threshold price I set for myself? cheap? average? High?

In each of these price levels there is a large number of brands and qualities.

The cheapest prices can be obtained in the purchase of large food bags (13 kg and over) and stores only animals.

Major supermarket chains usually offer a very poor choice of dog food and will require higher prices than stores live to make profitable animal food shelves.

The manufacturer:

Make sure that you purchase your dog food produced by? S established company and is internationally recognized and is not necessarily just in Israel.

Food quality and the most appropriate your dog manufactured by companies that invest in research veteran and specialist in food for dogs and cats.

Type of dog food and accommodation;

Today almost all manufacturers produce a number of foods depending on the stage of life where the dog is go over the main ones:

Puppies – is important especially for the purchase of food adapted to puppies and kitten worry that all they need from food, puppies need higher levels of protein and fat quality sources of healthy growth.

Mature Dogs – These foods usually contain normal levels of proteins and fats, and contain all the nutrients a good diet of healthy adult dogs with a normal level of activity.

Mature Dogs – there are foods for older dogs contain lower levels of fat and protein and dietary supplements for health joints wear out with age.

Dogs Food – many dogs have sensitivities, the sensitivity is usually cereal and poultry and day to get food for dogs sensitive to any sensitivity which would be generally free food grains mutton or fish.

Food Mate food for overweight dogs, dogs with low activity level or injured dogs and decreased activity levels, this food generally contains low levels of fat, low-calorie and high ratio of fiber sense of satiety over time-can be fed with food it also hyperactive dogs when they want to lower energy levels.

product quality:

Do not cling necessarily recognized brands and leading, good brand dog food is not necessarily indicative of quality (usually it essentially means the high price of the product in relation to compensation for the investment in branding and advertising much-just like the clothes).

There are excellent food brands market might not even heard of them.

Quality food for dogs contains relatively high levels of protein (adult dog over 22%).

Available in a selection of protein sources, protein sources will be sure to first quality meat and less vegetable sources.

On all existing product ingredients list their presence by product level from high to low.

Quality food ingredient meat will be the first component only after plant components, plant food which is the first component is a high quality food and cheap.

Even when the meat is the first ingredient on the list, there are several settings to indicate the quality of the meat.

Best quality is “meat” or “meat”, and only after settings like “meat powder” or “by-products of the meat industry.”

Dry food for dogs contains ash, ash is essentially mineral and non-perishable food ingredients.

High ash levels indicate poor product quality and content of great bones (acceptable level of ash is up to 6%).

Make sure the dog food contains all the nutrients and proper food supplements like fat (between 8-20% depending on the age and the condition of the dog), omega-3 and omega-6, vitamins and minerals.

Attention – high levels of salt (over 1%) in food are unhealthy over time and are designed to improve the taste of food in the eyes of the dog, so not all the food that your dog feasting pleasure is not necessarily the best choice for him.