What may affect your menstrual period ?

In life, there are things that happen in our body that are required. Things we cant control. In a woman’s body, they have periods. Firstly, periods are the process of releasing tissue a young female body no longer needs. Preparation for when the woman becomes pregnant. Even though it is suppose to happen every so often, there are still occurrences where a woman’s period comes late. There are many reasons as to why a woman could experience a late period. Three key reasons why it can come late are because of stress, major changes to your weight and actually being pregnant.

Stress is easy to come by in our modern world. Difficulty of getting jobs, worrying about people’s safety or hearing horrifying things in the news. A sudden heartbreak can push back the arrival of a woman’s period. That is the hormones in a woman’s body slowing down. A loss in the family, failing or becoming behind in school work or even losing a pet, it all can cause a period to arrive late. Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, is where the hormones are sorted and when stressed can really affect its process.

To carry on from stress, the way you treat your body plays a major factor in the possibility of a woman missing her period. If you are stressed then it is likely you will not eat or sleep on a regular basis which can cause you to lose a lot of weight. The term anorexic is where an individual has a loss of appetite and that can cause you to lose weight and become sick because of sudden starvation. An extreme drop in weight can cause the body to miss periods. It shifts and changes the hormonal system and the hormones aren’t producing as much.

The most common and frequent fear when periods are missed is that the woman is indeed pregnant. In most cases (not all) that is the situation. Some periods are tricky and can come to some women monthly, every other month or once a month then stop for a while, however unprotected sex always leaves a higher possibility than stress or major changes in your weight and body. If the woman decided to have unprotected sex after she had ovulated the chances become very high. One of the many symptoms a woman experiences if pregnant are late periods. This is where it all comes together. If the woman is worried and stressing about becoming pregnant, chances are she is not eating. If it turns out she is not pregnant and still have not had her period it is now because she is stressed and not eating which causes late periods.

All in all, women at the end of the day are strong human beings to endure a monthly cycle of pain. There are many reasons as to why periods come faster or delayed. Stressing over things in life is a major reason for that, and should be avoid hence for health reasons.

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