How to get rid of constipation

Constipation is a common condition that can affect anyone. It is a condition whereby there are few bowel movements that mainly consist of dry and painful stool. This condition can either be acute or chronic and if it persists it can be troublesome. However, the following are some home remedies for constipation taken from and from how to cure hemorrhoids on tumblr.constipation

Lemon Juice Remedy
Citric acid found in lemon juice stimulates the digestive system and also removes toxins and other undigested substances stuck along the large intestines. All you need is a fresh lemon and a glass of warm water. Cut the lemon and squeeze it into the water and drink immediately when you wake up. Make this a habit and you will keep everything moving the way it is supposed to….

Taking Coffee Works Magic
Coffee can be used for acute constipation in that it contains caffeine which naturally stimulates the digestive system by causing muscles to contract hence bowel movements. However, coffee should not be taken in large quantities as it makes one pass urine frequently than usual and if not followed by uptake of more fluids it dehydrates the body. Also coffee being a diuretic substance draws out water that softens stool hence leading to constipation.

Olive Oil A Quick Fix
Apart from being tasty and healthy olive oil can also be used as a fix for constipation. It acts as a good stimulant of digestion by keeping things in constant motion in your colon. A mixture of one tablespoon of olive oil and that of lemon juice taken regularly before meals helps relieve constipation.

Uptake Of High Fibre Foods
Foods rich in fibre is the way to go to enjoy a constipation free life. Most of the natural foods are known to contain loads of fibre which means an end to toilet suffering. Fibre is not digestible, it sucks up water from the surroundings and becomes bigger, softening stool and adding bulk to it in turn helping it to pass. However, fibre found in some foods like beans can also lead to constipation, therefore, water should be taken in plenty. Some good fibre foods are: nuts, whole grain meal, berries, fruits and vegetables.

Having A Routine Schedule
Setting aside a specific time for having a bowel movement is helpful in preventing and relieving constipation. All you got to do is set a specific time during which you will relax yourself and with a clear mind take time to pass stool. Repeat this routine daily at the same time and you will get your body ready to have bowel movement constantly.

Regular Exercise
You have to keep moving for you to keep stuff moving through your body. This not only relieves you from constipation but also helps you keep fit. This varies from rigorous physical activities to moderate ones like just a simple walk. Being inactive may lead to clogging up or slow passage in the digestive system. Therefore, it is important to exercise in order to enhance the movement of smooth muscles in the large intestine.

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